Competitive Spirit

Whatever the answer, it is a fact that in the board game field, there are games that show us not only how to betray others, but also cause our wrath to the players who betray us.

Games like SmallWorld, by Philippe Keyaerts, give the players the chance to develop their forces on the board, within a point-scoring strategy, while at the same time provide them with the necessary means to prevail among their rivals. This is the point that differentiation enters, since 2 or 3 rivals can open fire in the direction of their choice, giving to a player the chance to complain for being defeated, but never recover. And no matter how right the defeated player is, their hidden VP will never back them up when the time to define the winner comes.

The Resistance: Avalon, by Don Eskridge, remains in the same line, although it has a totally different gameplay. The players, wearing their British-style suits, are divided in two fields with their main goal being to defeat one another. And while the two parties setup their plans for dominion, under the shadow of Merlin's wisdom, there come 2 or 3 players who believe they know it all and spread their "wisdom", thus speaking over other players and covering their opinions. As a result, 5 or 10 minutes later, the players all tired and "abused", throw out of the game both the goals of these players, as well as the players themselves.

But where does the problem lie? Does it lie to this type of players? But anyhow, what would these game be without a bit of competitive spirit? Maybe plain easy.

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