Interview with PlaidHat's Colby Dauch

If I had to name one person from the board games industry that I think sees board games in a romantic way, that would be Colby Dauch. The mind behind PlaidHat Games is one of these people that have ideals and want to make a change. He loves games and he shows it. And always wears a red and black plaidhat. Here's what the owner and lead designer of PlaidHat said to us. And oh boy, aren't surprises coming!

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Interview with CGE's Lenka Holubová

When it comes to board games, at the end of the day, what matters is to have fun. And this company has managed to do just this: publish board games that have fun! CGE, a Czech publishing company with very successful titles, such as, Dungeon Petz, Galaxy Trucker and Tzolk'in, is now celebrating the 5 years from the creation of another great game, Dungeon Lords. Lenka Holubová, responsible for Marketing & PR of CGE answers our questions on their Kickstarter project and not only!

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