Flash Point Digital is Funded

Flash Point, the board game, ran a crowdfunding campaign to create its digital version. " I am very excited for the development team at RetroEpic to reach this funding goal, certainly what they have done already to make Flash Point into a digital game is impressive", says Travis Worthington of Indie Boards and Cards.

Indie Boards and Cards teamed up with RetroEpic in order to create the digital version of this game loved by many. As reported on the campaign that ran on Fig, Flash Point: Fire Rescue is perfectly suited towards an expansion that introduces a campaign that will tie the individual games and maps together. In this digital version, players will be put in charge of the Fire and Rescue services of a whole town. You will be in charge of responding to emergency calls from the inhabitants of this little town and dispatching one of your squads to deal with each emergency.

In this turn-based strategy game, every move and choice you make has dire life-and-death consequences.

  • Should you open the door with smoke filling the room?
  • Will you risk damaging the structure to create a direct route to what could be a false alarm?
  • Will you extinguish nearby roaring fires or rush past the flames to reach a survivor?
  • Lives hang in the balance, dependent on your critical decisions!


Looking forward to seeing the digital version soon!


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