Soqquadro goes Digital

After the big success of Soqquadro in Italy (3500 copies in the first 3 months) the App for Android and iOS is now available!

The digital version of the game is an engaging game that will transform your house into an island full of treasures to find!

The App will show a card on your smartphone or tablet, with some characteristics (so you will no longer lose the paper cards and the pieces as soon as you open the box the first time!). You will go around the house to look for an object that satisfies those characteristics (just like pirates looking for treasures!). Every player has an avatar on the app that keeps the scores of all the objects found (cheating is impossible, avoiding a lot of children fights!). During the game the app will call for various “Challenges” (to trigger even more the children’s creativity!)

The final winner is proclaimed by the app and then confirmed or denied by all the players, that will check all the treasures found by everyone!


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