Summoner Wars on Google Play

Summoner Wars on Google Play


Summoner Wars is now available on Google Play for the fans of electronic forms of tabletop games.

The application for Google Play/ Android/ Kindle Fire, is designed by the company Playdeck Games which also designed the corresponding application for iPhone/ iPad.

The races that are available on the ios version are also available on this version and players can play Online together regardless the device they use. You will have to download the first version, were Phoenix Elves are available for free, and then you can buy each subsequent race for $2 or the whole package at the premium price of $8.

Playdeck Games' CEO, Joel Goodman, said it is in the company's plans to design all other races, namely Filths and Mercenaries as well as the Second Summoner Sets, but there is no specific timeframe for their design. In the meantime they are working towards ultimate balancing and application compatibility so that it can support online tournaments on many platforms.



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