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During our visit to UKGE we had the chance to meet with Dized CEO, Jouni Jussila, who explained what Dized is!

Dized is the ultimate companion app. And why that? Remember how you want to play this new board game you bought and you dare not open it because you don't want to read the long rulebook? Well, this is one of the things that you can forget with Dized. This is an app that teaches you how to play  the game as you go. 

What does that mean? Well you set up the game and you start playing immediately. Dized teaches you  the rules you need to know, when you need to know them, thus making learning a game easier and faster. It supports different learning styles and it lets the players set the pace, since it just follows the game flow. 

Ok, so it is a tutorial app. Why is it the ultimate companion? Because it's more than just that! It gives you a tutorial of the game, yes. But it also serves as an interactive rulebook. This means that you can go back and read specific sections by just choosing them on your smart device or computer. So you want to remember one specific rule? No need to browse through the rulebook pages. Dized lets you pick the section you want to read with a simple click and presents it in a comprehensive way. But again, it's not just that. It also lets you ask questions! So if you actually have a question, you can just type it in the search bar and Dized will find the best answer for you. 

I had the opportunity to actually check the app live at UK Games Expo and I can say that's it's pretty much like having a virtual game master over your head that helps you out as you play. Not bad!

The app is still under development and Jouni mentioned that it will also have other features, like give you the opportunity to log your gameplay, or schedule a game session and find players in your area. The game I checked the app with was Bang!, but there are another 7 pilot projects the company is working on right now. In general, they have started with board games, but will move to card games too, while the app will also have useful RPG tools, like for example character building that can be used all around. 

If you want to learn more, check the Dized website and don't miss their Indiegogo campaign, which comes a week after GenCon

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