Mood X in Essen 2014

Planplay is a publisher and distributor operating in China, which so far has dealt mainly with the localization of some well-known board game titles in the asian country (just to name a few, Inkognito and Letters from Whitechapel), and now, with Mood X, try for the first time to go out beyond the Far East.

Mood X is suitable for kids and adults , the duration of the game is 15-30 minutes and is able to support until 8 players. Planplay invite everyone to come to play it at the Essen Spiel’14 (Hall 4 Booth B112) where the english version will be released.

Year after year it is getting harder to find innovative games and better of its predecessors, the designers of Martino Chiacchiera and Benedetto Degli Inocenti succeeded founding an explosive mix of fun.

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