Official King of Tokyo/ NY T-shirts

Foam Brain Gear is running a campaign on Kickstarter for a few days, offering official t-shirts for King of Tokyo and King of New York

In collaboration with Iello the company has produced several designs from one of our favorite games, in unisex, women's and children's shirts, while baby bodysuits are also available. All t-shirts are 100% cotton and printed in one of the biggest shirt companies in the United States, while the cost is between $20 and $25 depending on the design and shipping is an extra $5 for Canada and $8 for the rest of the world.

The available designs are

  • I (claw) NY - white and black
  • You can not (heart) in Tokyo - black
  • Captain Fish - Grey
  • Space Penguin - black
  • Pandakai - black
  • I (claw) NY - form Babies
  • Heart / Claw (glow in the dark) - black

The campaign will be funded until April 30th

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