Artana launches their latest Kickstarter

Artana, publisher of the recent Kickstarter success Tesla vs. Edison, launched a new Kickstarter campaign: The Best Damn Gaming Coins Ever – TWO! The campaign features seven new thematic sets including Chinese, Mongol, Indian, Persian, and Japanese coins. Also available are the company’s 13 original theme sets from the first Best Damn Gaming Coins Ever campaign which has sold over 1 million coins to date. Responding to customer demands for more choice, all coins will now be offered in three different types of modular and integrated packages – PiecePacks, ThemePacks, and DeluxeCollections. 

“We are delighted to introduce these exciting new sets to our customers as well as bring back the old favorites,” said Artana creative director, Dirk Knemeyer. “The original coins campaign focused largely on western and fantasy themes. Here, we wanted to round out the collection and tell stories from a more global perspective to include Asian narratives.”

The new coins bring Artana’s total numismatic offerings to 20 thematic sets spanning the breadth of history as well as many fantasy motifs. Sets are designed to follow a common format sharing the same five sizes and finishes. Coins can be mixed-and-matched among themes and combined to provide a richer gaming experience.

“While the original thematic sets were well-received, many of our customers kept asking us for individual coins from specific sets,” said Artana president, Marcus Muller. “Our new PiecePacks provide just that option for maximum customization. Those seeking pre-configured sets can still also purchase individual ThemeSets from single themes or one of our various DeluxeCollections featuring premium coins from several themes in one package.” 

The Best Damn Gaming Coins Ever – TWO! runs now through October 9, 2015. Delivery is expected by May 2016.

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