Munchkin Shakespeare on Kickstarter


There’s just a bit less than two days left to back Munchkin Shakespeare on Kickstarter! 

Here, at last, is a game combining two of the all-time best sources for puns and betrayal! Munchkin interprets William Shakespeare as never before to create a wordplay-packed game of drama, slaying, and loot.  

Fans requested this game for years, and some even helped Munchkin Line Editor Andrew Hackard and Steve Jackson president and Munchkin designer Steve Jackson come up with ideas for the game. That’s why Steve Jackson Games took this title to Kickstarter: To let fans help us fund a project we’re doing because of them.

And if enough people back the project before it ends, it could become a deluxe-style game, with a gameboard and player standies to track players’ levels! 

The project needs a bit less than $25,000 more to become a deluxe-style game. 

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