Neon Knights Kickstarter

Neon Knights is the new board game created by the Board to Death team, well known for their video reviews. Neon Knights is a Cyberpunk Battle Racing game with action taking mechanics, modular tracks, car customization and driver skill upgrades.

Neon Knights: 2086 is a career-driven racing game for 2 to 6 players. You can play single races or in campaign mode which allows you to level up your car and skills as you play. You will advance in your career by buying upgrades and installing weapons and shields on your car. You will also gain fans and sponsorships who will train you in getting the skills you need to become a better driver. During the race you will need to pass over certain street areas to Activate weapons and shield you have on your car, which you can then use on other drivers.

You can go as fast as you want to but some areas of the slums are harder to drive through and will damage your car if you're going too fast. Will you take those risks?

Neon Knights looks sweet. Highly detailed car minis, clean board and cards all in neon colors, custom dice and wooden cubes. It's like having a neon version of Fast and Furious on your table. Game seems to have great replayability as it gives lots of options to players.

The Kickstarter goes live today

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