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Home of the Brave is a game for 2-5 players, full of negotiation, blackmail, alliances and scandals. Each player will compete for influence, advance their professional position, gain powerful supporters and affect the United States politics - all to achieve their private goals and thus win the game.

The idea for "Home of the Brave" was born from the desire to create a game that would accurately represent complicated social and psychological aspects of the world of politics. Our sources of inspiration were George R.R. Martin’s "Song of Ice and Fire", "House of Cards" tv series and also “Twilight Struggle” - the board game.

The core concept was to blend re-playable board game mechanics with intriguing and intense storytelling. Before playing you could dive into the world of the game by reading 18-page novella that comes with the game. All of the in-game character’s choices are the reflections of player’s actions and decisions. The illustrations on the cards are strongly influenced by the courtroom sketches, by which we hope to achieve a unique style and create an original narration.

“Home of the Brave” was an idea of one man but it couldn’t have come to life without the help of others. Soon, the team of three people was working on the concepts, mechanics and the story behind the game. We are proud to say that the effect of our hard work is a functional prototype, which we hope to turn into a fully-fledged board game with the help of our backers.

The campaign is planned to launch February 22nd

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