The World of Smog: On Her Majesty's Service

The confidence that their project will be successful and accepted by the backers is evident in the new way that CMON is managing their projects. 10 days is more than enough for the game to achieve its goal and for prospect buyers to find out about it.

With a $25,000 goal, which was smashed in three hours, On Her Majesty's Service has doubled its target and with 4 days to go, it will cover several stretch goals, allowing more purchases.

Taking place in the fictional world of Smog, On Her Majesty's Service is a board game for 2-4 players where you will need to market goods and rare relics in order to fulfill the missions that Queen Victoria has odered you to. Apart from their opponents, players will have to face the shadow Agents: Agents with excellent training, each of them master at their field, they will try to deter you from achieving your plans or maybe help you for the appropriate price!

You will need to collect the various goods you will find in the Dark Market in order to activate your Special Abilities. Once you've collected a sufficient number of goods and created the right combination, only then can you leave from the Dark Market.

This as you can imagine is not so easy, since the Shadow Agents will try to prevent you from collecting the correct goods.

Will you manage to escape from the The Dandy, The Doctor, The Merchant, The Lost Boy, The Witch and The Gate Keeper and find the exit of the market?

Enter the fantasy world of On Her Majesty's Service, and experience an alternative 1889 from Cool Mini or Not.

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