Tanto Cuore: Winter Romance


Winter Romance is the most interactive set of Tanto Cuore yet, with new mechanics and cards which introduce Meetup Spots, Coupling, Trials, and Breakups! If you're already a Tanto Cuore or deck-building card game fan, you will really enjoy in these fresh and highly interactive game mechanics!

In Winter Romance your maids and butlers can mingle with those of other players and form couples that earn you more Victory Points. Japanime Games is proud to note that any combination of the sexes will create a couple! When the game ends, the player who has the most Victory Points from the cards in their mansion (deck) is the “Ultimate Master” and the winner of the game!

You can try a demo of the game at the booth of Japanime at GenCon. There will also be a live stream of Winter Romance being played by Team Japanime's Robert DeRouin via Tabletop Simulator on Twitch.TV on Tuesday August 22nd at 9pm EST.

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