Alexandria: A Library in Cinders is the new Kickstarter project by LudiCreations, which just got funded in a few hours from launch. In this action-filled eurogame you need to manage your time well, rescue ancient treasures and interact with fellow Heroes to survive the disaster, all the while the library is collapsing around you!

From the KS project: 

Centuries before the first universities, the internet and the modern era of scientific discovery there was the Great Library of Alexandria. Created to store the world's knowledge, its scribes would copy every book found on every ship that entered Alexandria, and would go on to accumulate untold volumes of history, mathematics, geography, politics and more. Unfortunately, it was not to last. It was destroyed during the many conquests of Alexandria, and all that knowledge was lost forever.

We may never really know how it happened, but the compelling story of its destruction has inspired us to publish this unconventional game. Join us in retelling the story of the burning of the Great Library!

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