Scandinavia and the World: A Heap of Trouble


3DTotal are proud to announce that they partnered with Scandinavia and the World, and launched a new game on August 29th.

Scandinavia and the World is a webcomic about a world in which countries are people – fighting, loving and adventuring together. In our new game all of the countries possessions have been thrown into a giant pile and they’re arguing over who gets what. Scotland feels he needs a declaration of independence more than America, Russia is eyeing up North Pole’s oil and nobody is admitting to having stolen Denmark’s pornography.

It’s up to you to sort it out.

About the Game

A heap of trouble is a half hour bidding game in which you’re extracting items from the heap and using them to bribe countries into helping you out. Each country has a unique power based on the characteristics of that country. Victory will fall to the player who makes the best use of the powers they manage to win.

Scotland “Freedom or Death” A player with two countries must give one to a neighbour.

Canada “Supportive Friend” You do not have to use negative abilities.

King Europe “Sexy without being Vulgar” Steal a character and give one of yours to its old owner

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