Final week for RAIDS: The Storytelling RPG


RAIDS: The Storytelling RPG is into its final week of funding on Kickstarter. Based in the dark fantasy world of Novathe, RAIDS is a great RPG for both newcomers and veterans in the RPG world.

RAIDS has incorporated elements used in various well known RPGs, such as Fate, the Age system, Doctor Who Roleplaying Game, and even abstract systems like Dread and has incorporated them in the dark fantasy setting in a unique way, welcoming to all yet challenging  too.

Key features:

·         No character levels: Level up your abilities as the story progresses, thus making your character stronger.

·         No classes: Create all around characters, much like in everyday life. Be whoever you want to be.

·         Interactive combat: Roll to block attacks and be involved in the enemy turn.

·         Solo play: You don’t need a party to play. Get the table ready and start rolling!


Exclusive for Kickstarter backers:

Back us on Kickstarter and apart from the Starter campaign, you get an exclusive adventure completely free! And for those who chose to, you can also get exclusive custom RAIDS dice!

Back this campaign now and help us print the book, finish the artwork and get you more content to play this wonderful game.


Check out the project here. The campaign runs until September 7th

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