New on Kickstarter from the designers of Mangaka: The Fast & Furious Game of Drawing Comics, Cartooner is a standalone game that does for the tropes of American comics what Mangaka did for manga and anime!

Fully compatible with Mangaka, Cartooner lets everyone jumpstart their creativity and storytelling—no art skills required! In your quest for sweet Fame you'll create a four-page comic over four timed rounds. Start by drawing three Theme Cards to determine your artistic Obsessions. Will your comic involve Dinosaurs, Tech Startups and The World's Greatest Assassin? Or Pirates, Blobs and The Last Human on Earth? Ever-changing Trend Cards bring additional challenges and ideas as you try to appeal to your fickle readers' tastes, from Nature, Gadgets and Superheroes to Funny Animals, Medical dramas and the Language Police.

Cartooner contains 52 Trend Cards, 136 Theme Cards, Fame Tokens, pre-printed Comic Pages, and inspiration for hundreds of fast-paced stories. Designed by Jason Bradley Thompson and Jumana Al Hashal, with beautiful painted art by Konstantin Pogorelov, Cartooner proves that you don't need more than stick figures to become the most Famous artist on Earth. Or, combine it with cards from Mangaka for a crazy fusion of the two great comics traditions!

The Cartooner Campaign is ending on December 17th, so don't miss out on your chance to support this super fun game from the Designers of Mangaka!

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