Wolsung SSG

Wolsung is a strategy board game that simulates urban conflicts between miniatures representing extraordinary gentlemen and ladies of the early 19th century! Shadow organizations and dark forces seek to resolve their disputes with knives and guns rather than dialogue.

We live in amazing times, where the industrial revolution has changed the map of the world! In Lyonesse, the best city in the early 19th century, the sky is filled with airships and steam-powered automobiles have flooded the streets. Elven aristocrats are scheming, strange scientists and engineers work day and night to create giant factories and thinking robots. Nevertheless, the threat of Lyonesse's extinction comes due to the appearance of undead agents who wish to bring chaos to the city.

In these times heroes will be needed! Who will manage to prevail?

In order to play Wolsung SSG you need a playing area of 3ft x 3ft (36 cm on 36 cm), of which 50% must consist of scenery. Your goal is to successfully complete the basic scenarios of the book, along with the expansion scenarions, and win your opponent.

Choose between the following factions: Ash and Oak Gentlemen's Club, Inventors Club, Triad of Lotus Dragon, as well as Ven Rier Agents and The Scyllan, which are the new factions, included in the expansion.

In your first games you will realise that the rules are a little tough to learn but the game will become more understandablein time and completing the scenarios will be easier.

Who would you choose? Will you bring chaos and destruction with the Ven Rien Agents, will you choose the technologically advanced Inventors Club and and rule Lyonesse for the sake of your guild? Will you achieve your goal? Discover and you Wolsung SSG.



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