Spells of Doom is on Kickstarter!

Spells of Doom is a skirmish miniature board game which takes place in Shaqua Maertis, the fictional land which also will be the setting for more games of the series.

The players become heroes, fighting to take control of the magic shrines for their masters, in order to stop the devastating war.

Spells of Doom contains 37 awesome plastic miniatures and can be played with 2 or 4 players, allowing the 4-player game to be played in teams.

It is the first game of Drawlab Entertainment, and has won the People's Award in "Epitrapezio 2014", the Greek board game design contest, becoming the most popular game of the contest!

Through this campaign you can get lots of exciting rewards, such as:
•    Printed Artbook
•    Extra tokens
•    Extra illustrations
•    More heroes

and many more!

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