Zombicide season 3

When it was first announced a few months ago and finalized in mid-June that Zombicide season 3: Rue Morgue, would campaign through Kickstarter, we knew it would not be an exception to the above rule. An hour was more than enough to reach the goal and after 5 days it broke  the barrier of $1,000,000.

Zombicide season 3 Rue Morgue is designed as a stand-alone game but is also an expansion of previous versions. The new Zombicide features new zombie forms, the Skinners, Crawlers and their new big bad zombie A-Bomb Abomination!

The game is set up a few months before the previous versions. The world is mostly destroyed, the buildings are in ruins, the food has dried up and medicine are scarce. Your purpose is to create groups of survivors and to survive the murderous attacks of zombies. The differences from the previous Zombicide is that you create groups, the collective action cards, new cards and weapons are included and also also, a brand new pvp version.

Are you ready to open the doors of the hospital and take your team to victory and survival?

In Zombicide season 3: Rue Morgue you will find the following contents:

  • 80 zombie miniatures
  • 12 survivor miniatures with ID cards
  • 9 double sided tiles
  • 155 cards: 86 Equipment cards, 48 zombie cards, 9 team cards, 12 wounded cards
  • 92 tokens: Doors, Event Triggers, Helicopter, Noise, Objectives, Stairs, Zombie Spawns, Skill counters
  • Dice, Experience trackers, Tent cards, and a Rulebook.


 But apart from Rue Morgue you can also find in that campaign a new expansion called Angry Neighbors 

Angry Neighbors introduces a new type of zombie named Seeker and features the following contents:

  • 18 seeker Zombie Miniatures
  • 4 Survivor miniatures with ID cards
  • 4 Zombivor miniatures
  • 8 Companion miniatures (4 types, 2 each)
  • 3 Double sided tiles
  • 63 Cards: 27 Equipment cards, 12 Zombie cards, 8 Companion cards, 16 Wounded cards
  • 27 Tokens: Barricades, Companion makers, Helicopter etc.
  • Experience trackers and a Rulebook.


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