Nemesis: The Rise of the Juggers

Zenit Miniatures presents its new expansion The Rise of the Juggers for its game Nemesis which adds new models to the game, the Juggers, which  are huge creatures that each faction has under their control, but also includes two new factions, the Exiled and the Nephalites.

The Kickstarter campaign goal was achieved and a few days are remaining to back Nemesis: The Rise of Juggers and thus earn even more models as the amount collected grows increasingly making it easier to achieve more stretch goals.

Let's see what Nemesis is about. As the five factions of the original game began to increase their forces in Miter, tehy decided that they want power and thus engaged in ruthless battles with other factions. Players assume the role of one of the faction's Generals and have to strategically drive their forces so as to win and prevail against their opponents. Choose between the Orphans, Not Alive, Kingdom of God, Rocavivas, the Thousand Faces cult and the 2 new factions, Exiled and Nephalites.

The gameplay that Nemesis offers is pretty much known to those who have played wargames before. The players start with the Command roll, where the player with the highest roll chooses who will activate the first units. After the activation process of each unit is completed, the round ends. During activations a unit can move, do magic and execute commands.

Also for those involved with wargames and in specific with Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40000, Juan Diaz will be known to you, as he is a well known artist in miniature craving, who gives life to some of the miniatures of Nemesis.

Do you have what it takes to drive your faction to victory? Make the right choice and you conquer the land of Miter.

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