Rn Estudio Humans vs Orcs fantasy football teams

Apart from Kickstarter, we will also be searching other platforms too for interesting project concerning tabletop gaming. Today we present you an indiegogo campaign and specifically the RN Estudio campaign for two fantasy football teams, Humans and Orcs, two of the most basic teams for the players of fantasy football.

With a variety of pledge in the campaign, one can buy a full team of 16 players in all positions for one of the two groups. For example the 16 models of the Orcs team include 1 troll, 2 throwers, 4 blitzers, 4 black orcs and 5 linemen. 

The models are very well designed, and differ from classical teams that already exist. Also the team of Humans is in our opinion the most well designed team in relation to other human teams. 

So visit the indiegogo campaign of RN Estudio, for the Humans vs Orcs Fantasy Football teams.

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