Terralith Dice on Kickstarter

Makers of Waggle Dance and Cornish Smuggler, Grublin Games have teamed up with Italian publishers Irondrake to launch a Kickstarter project to make some very nice metal RPG / D&D dice which they're calling Terralith dice. These metal dice are currently available in 12 different finishes, ranging from galvanised metals (brass, copper and silver) to vivid (unlimited) colours (blue, green, orange and purple) and are even offering rare metal finishes in Gold, Ruthenium and Palladium (the metal Tony Stark needed to complete his arc reactor).
Having passed their funding goal, stretch goals for the campaign include a range of two-tone Battle Finishes, an extra dice that has been specifically designed for laser engraving and fudge dice.

Terralith are currently available as a D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12 and D20, the full set of seven costs just  €35 (£27 / $40 USD) and you can pledge for individual dice if you don't want the full set (although those Gold dice are a bit more expensive).

Terralith are available on Kickstarter until the 3rd June.

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