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Impudent Mortal has redefined hobby organization with a system for all of your tools, paint, and bits that is both modular and mobile! So if you like to paint your miniatures and just have paints and brushes scattered all over the place, perhaps this is the solution for you. 

This is not your typical Kickstarter project. It only has one pledge level, and actually not a fixed one. Browsing through the main body of the campaign, you can see that THEO can be just like you want it to be. The main idea is that you will create the equipment organizer that you need. You can choose between a variety of options: Tool cartridge, brish cartridge, horizontal drawers, vertical drawers, vertical eyedropper bottle cartridge, horizontal eyedropper bottle cartridge, vertical reverse eyedropper bottle cartridge, horizontal reverse eyedropper bottle cartridge, vertical paint pot cartridge, horizontal paint pot cartridge, craft paint cartridge, vertical mini cartridge, horizontal mini cartridge, mini display/ carry case, wall unit, half wall unit and carrying bag. Essentially you have countless options and combinations. As you see there are different cartridge types, but there are also different material combinations. 

If you are interested all you have to do is figure out what you want, then check the pledge calculator. International Shipping is possible and you can figure that out too. 

So if you want a portable and modular solution to store your hobby gear, check this out

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