Spells of Doom

Spells of Doom is a game of strategy and tactics in which 2 to 4 players take the roles of mighty heroes who try to win the opposing forces in the field of battle.

Thumbs Up:

Component Quality: Apart from a large part of the game graphics, the rest of the components of the prototype edition were not in their final form. However, judging by these, we can say that the final form and component quality of the game will be exceptional.

Luck vs Strategy: Even though the dice make their presence noticeable, the luck factor affects the outcome of a game to a minimum and in no way does it affect significantly the importance of the various strategic and tactical choices that the players have.

Difficulty level: Even though the game has a variety of strategic choices for the players, it has a medium level of difficulty, thus making it accessible even to new players.

Gameplay: The fact that every character has their own set of cards is a characteristic that gives both the heroes and the game a diversity.


Thumbs Down:

Downtime: The fact that every player completes their turn before the other player starts, along with the variety of choices that they have available, increases downtime, especially in a four player game.

Rules: The rules are definately the part that the game has the greatest potential for improvement for its final version. Even though there are no grey spots or gaps, the wording on the cards as well as the whole structure of the rulebook, make learning and mastering the game harder than it actually is.

Final Verdict:

Spells of Doom is a clearly competitive strategy game, which manages to combine its relatively easy rules with a satisfying depth in its gameplay, making it likeable in a wide range of players.

Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Maybe. The relatively simple but interesting and balanced gameplay will satisfy many of the gamers of this category, however its intense competitive character will repel many.

Social Gamer: No. This is definaly a title that social gamers would never prefer.

Strategy Gamer: Maybe. The intense presence of the dice is going to repel many, however those who will try the game will be completely satisfied.

Hobby Gamer: Yes. If the game components are the ones we expect them to be in the final form of the game, then this is a game that hobby gamers will love.

Hardcore Gamer: Yes. The intensly competitive character of the game, the depth of its strategies and tactical choices, and the sense of progress as you develop your character during a game are some of the characteristics that will fully satisfy hardcore gamers.

Game contents:

Hero boards
Hero cards
Scoring board
Game board
creature tokens
Special Damage tokens
Magic crystals
Damage tokens
Hero miniatures
Defense Tower miniatures
Mage Tower miniatures
Magic Shrines miniatures
Dice of Doom



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