Apocalypse: Galactic Arena


The new company Storyception Games is about to produce its very first game and launch its campaign on Kickstarter. It's debuting with Apocalypse: Galactic Arena, a competitive game where each side chooses from one to three heroes and battle in an arena with the sole purpose of eliminating their opponents.





Number of players: 2,4,6

Average duration: 15'

Age: 12+

Thumbs Up:

Replayability: The main characteristic of the title is its variety, since each of the 10 heroes that come in the box have many unique abilities and weapons, from which you have to choose which you will be able to use in your encounters. Furthermore, before starting the battle, each side gets to place on the arena several obstacles, such as walls, traps and explosives.

Downtime: The game has practically no downtime, even in a 3v3 game, since each side plays one of their heroes in turn, and the available actions are very specific, thus minimizing the time that every hero needs in order to complete their turn. Above that, during the other players' turns, each hero can choose if they will defend themselves, or use one of their defensive abilities.

Difficulty level: Even though a great variety of choices is available for the players, the difficulty level of the game is very low, and it could be said that its simplicity is one of its main characteristics.

Thumbs Down:

Rules: The rulebook of the prototype edition which we tried, has all that is needed in order to easily learn the basic rules and mechanisms, however after a few games, some parts that are not described in detail were revealed.

Gameplay: The simplicity that characterizes this game is something that makes a 1v1 game fairly indifferent, while some combinations of heroes and abilities make it almost impossible for one side to prevail.

Final Verdict:

Apocalypse: Galactic Arena is a very simple competitive game, which gains great interest in a 2v2 or 3v3 game and we believe that this is the number of players (heroes) the company should focus on for its final version. Furthermore it is a title that could gain great advantage from good component quality (the art style in the prototype is already of great quality). Lastly it needs to be noted that great attention has been given to the theme and the fluff of the game, since every hero sheet has the background of the hero and we can expect to see something concerning the story of the universe in the final rulebook of the game, since this is the first in a series of 5 games which will be based on the Apocalypse Universe.


Who is it for:


Family Gamer:  Maybe. The clearly competitive character of the game is something that some players will dislike, however its simplicity along with its variety will satisfy many.

Social Gamer: No. Although the game is very simple, it is definately not a game oriented to this category of players.

Strategy Gamer: Maybe. The strategic and tactical choices made before and during a fight is something that will satisfy the players of this category; however the presence of the die is something that will repel many players.

Hobby Gamer:  Maybe. This is probably the category that this game targets, however whether or not they will like it as much, depends on the final component quality.

Hardcore Gamer:  Maybe. The game simplicity will definately repel some of the gamers, however the variety of choices will cause the interest of some of them