Legendary Metal Coins by Drawlab

Drawlab Entrtainment has successfully funded its campaign for the Legendary metal coins for gaming over 300% and it is moving into unlocking more of its stretch goals.

Size and Characteristics: 

Drawlab has created 11 unique sets of coins, which can be used in several games depending on their theme: Elven, Dragon, Dwarven, Steampunk, Pirate, Sci-Fi, Medieval, Arabic, Capitol, Far East and Greek. 

The coins are of great quality; thick enough and in different shapes, just as regular coins would be. Each set comes in three different designs and colors, a gold coin, a silver coin and a copper one. They vary between 2.7 and 3.2 mm thick and their average diameter is around 3 cm, which makes them great to hold. Each of the coins has a different fine detail carving on each side, so basically even in the same set, your coins will stand out, not only because of their color but also becasuse of their design. 

Necessary addition?

Bearing in mind that no accessory is really necessary in gaming, we take that all of you who have taken a look at this campaign like to upgrade your game components. If so, these sets are a great addition. They are perfect for RPGs, Board Games, even LCGs. The variety of choices is great and fits all sorts of games. Even if you do not wish to get a set or two for your games, but you are just a collector, these coins are of excuisite quality and could easily be part of a coin collection. 

BGNews choice:

Nick Niotis: Dwarven metal coins, great for a D&D campaign, a pouch for every adventurer

Jim Vlachos: Far East metal coins, perfect for Shogun

Helena Tzioti: Greek metal coins, to fit with Cyclades


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