The faith of the mortals to Olympus has started to fade and thus Zeus, angry with that development, has called the rest of the gods to use his monstrous creations with the goal to retrieve their faith through terror. In Monstrous the players take the role of Gods who have powerful creatures in their possession, and have to attack various cities of ancient Greece with the purpose of regaining the faith of the mortals to them. However beware, because even though their goal is common, the unfair competition for who will gain the most faith points and therefore the favor of Zeus will lead to backstabing.


Number of players: 2-5

Average duration: 30’

Age: 10+

Thumbs Up:

Gameplay: Even though Monstrous is a dexterity game, as in every round you have to choose and throw a monster card with the purpose of hitting one of the five available locations on the table or even some of the opponents' monsters, the special abilities of these locations and the monsters, combined with the various ways in which they interact, create a vast aray of strategic choices.

Component Quality: The quality of the components of the title is very high, especially as far as the cards are concerned, which are very durable and at the same time have the appropriate weight and texture, making them great when throwing them, since these are the key weapon you are going to use to achieve your various goals. The artwork is also very nice and captivates the feeling of the ancient Greek cities and mythical creatures in a fascinating way.

Replayability: The fact that in every game you choose one of the eleven available cities, each one of which has its own unique characteristics, combined with the also unique abilities of the various mythical creatures, is a characteristic that adds diversity to the game and can make each game very different than the previous.


Thumbs Down:

Gameplay: Even though as we mentioned the abilities of the monsters and of the locations, combined with the various ways in which they interact with each other that add enough depth and diversity to the game, the players assume the role of impersonal Gods, as there are no specific characteristics that set them apart.

Co-Mix Final Verdict:

As a dexterity game, Monstrous can offer a light and fun experience, while at the same time it manages to give its theme in a successful way, but also gives a very satisfactory level of strategy choices, especially for a game of its genre.


Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Yes. Both the theme of the game and its whole gameplay are certain to entertain the players of the category.

Social Gamer: Yes. A very light and fun game with intense interaction between players, which will satisfy the gamers of this category.

Strategy Gamer: No. Even though the level of strategic choices that the game offers is relatively high for a game of this genre, the fact that it is a dexterity game makes it inappropriate for the gamers of this category.

Hobby Gamer: Yes. The lovely components of the game, the light and rich gameplay and the great way it gives its theme, are sure to fully satisfy hobby gamers.

Hardcore Gamer: No. Even though the game has a competitive feeling, this is a very simplistic and indifferent game for the taste of the players of this genre.


Game Contents:

65 cards
1 rulebook
11 big location cards
5 big player aids
56 faith tokens



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