Domus Domini

The Cluny monastery is in a difficult financial state and its Abbott, in an effort to maintain the viability of the monastic community, is asking the support of the rest of the monasteries of the area. In Domus Domini, players manage the monasteries that are called to help Cluny by sending food, while at the same time they try to help develop their own monasteries too.


Number of players: 2-6

Average duration: 90’

Age: 14+

Thumbs Up:

Gameplay: Domus Domini is a strategy and resource management game and therefore has enough depth concerning its strategic and tactical choices, while at the same time it manages to convey its special theme in a great way. 

Interaction: Interaction is constant between players and it takes place both directly and indirectly, while it is also interesting that the players can make certain moves in order to protect themselves from the decisions of others. 


Thumbs Down:

Difficulty Level: Even though Domus Domini is not a very heavy and overanalyzed game, but of medium difficulty, it has a great range of rules and this combined with the terminology and various names used in the game, increase the time you will need to get accustomed to it. However it is important to note that we did not have a final version of the rulebook at our disposal, something that will definately play an important role in how easy or difficult it is to learn the game. 


Co-Mix Final Verdict:

Domus Domini is a game that will fully satisfy the gamers who love resource managemnt, as it also has some characteristics not common to this category of games, such as the constant player interatcion as well as its great theme. Lastly it needs to be noted that no mention was made for the game components as we did not have the final version of the game. However judging from the artword of the various components and knowing the company standards, the components are expected to be of good quality.


Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Yes. The theme as well as the gaming experience that Domus Domini provide are sure to satisfy family gamers.

Social Gamer: No. Although several players can play and interaction is intence, the game is strategic and therefore not directly designed for this gamer category.

Strategy Gamer: Maybe. The level of strategy that the game offers is sure to satisfy, but not fascinate strategy gamers. 


Hobby Gamer: Maybe. The gamers of this category that like resource management games are sure to want to add this game to their collection.


Hardcore Gamer: Maybe. Although this is not a directly competitive game, its competitive natre and the direct interaction in several parts of the game, are sure to satisfy some of the hardcore gamers.



Game Contents:

6 player boards/ monasteries

1 central board

156 various tokens

75 cards

1 rulebook


The game is now crowdfunding on Startnext and you can find it here


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