El Alamein

El Alamein is a Deck building card game in which you participate in an alternative / fictional World War II, where German troops face the English in the battle for the conquest of Africa. The fantastic element of the game is mainly reflected through challenging the various armies, which is exclusively female.

El Alamein is an independent game, which can be combined with Barbarossa, as the two games are based on the same basic rules and mechanics and have the same theme and style.

Thumbs Up:

Gameplay: Although El Alamein retains the key characteristics of a "typical" Deck building card game it has several distinctive characteristics. The most basic type of cards, the army cards, when played remain in the game and are not discarded at the end of your turn. The main means of gathering victory points is through conquering regions, which happens through a simple but interesting enough battle mechanic. Each round you have the option to keep one of your cards and have it on your next round along with the rest of the four cards that you draw from your deck. These are some of the features that give El Alamein its own distinct personality.

Downtime: When you are familiar with the card powers and the rules of the game in general, each players' round does not  last long and therefore the downtime of the game is also minimized.

Component Quality: The special theme of the game is definitely something that lies in the personal taste of each gamer, however it has to be noted that the card artwork manages to deliver perfectly the desired game style.

Difficulty Level: The difficulty of the game is at a moderate level, which is understandable when considering the depth and wealth of options provided by the game.

Thumbs Down:

Interaction: The interaction between players is minimal and is something which players control slightly or even not at all, as it is primarily a result of the event cards which are played when conquering an area.

The total duration of the game is very long and this is something which can be tiring for players.

Setup time:
The fact that at the beginning of each game you have to put the cards in the corresponding stacks increases enough the game setup time, which could be reduced considerably if the game box offered a way to store each stack of cards separately.


Co-Mix Final Verdict:

El Alamein is a deck building card game which will satisfy the lovers of the kind. Although it does not redefine the genre, it has its own personality and a very special theme, which in most cases will be what determines who likes the game and who doesn't.



Who is it for:

Family Gamer: No. The special theme and style of the game will repel players in this category.

Social Gamer: No. The almost zero interaction combined with the complexity and the wealth of information and options will repel social gamers.

Strategy Gamer: Maybe. The variety of strategic options along with the limited luck factor will satisfy several of the gamers of that category. 

Hobby Gamer: Maybe. A game that can satisfy all hobby gamers, however the particular theme will definitely repel some. 

Hardcore Gamer: Maybe. The lack of direct competition is something that will not satisfy many of the hardcore gamers. On the other hand, the variety of options for building your own deck and the element of battle will pique the interest of some of them.


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