Get ready to travel close to Venice to the famous district of Murano, which is globally known for the handmade glass that it produces.

In this game players try to contribute to the construction and development of the seven islands of Murano, by building glass factories, shops and in other ways, while at the end of the game your contribution is translated to victory points which define the winner.   

Number of players: 2-4

Average duration: 75’

Age: 10+

MSRP: $60

Thumbs Up:

Gameplay: The main characteristic of the title is the way in which you choose the action you wish to perform in your round, and this happens by moving your gondolas around the board. Even though this is essentially a simple worker placement mechanic, it is very unique and different than most games of its kind while it also manages to add interesting strategic choices. 

Interaction: Interaction is one of the key characteristics of the tile, as the way in which you move the gondolas, the placement of the street tiles and the buildings on the board, as well as the possibility to place one of your pawn in the space of another player affect the rest of the players too and in many cases leads them to change their choices. 

Replayability: The nature of the game increases replayability, as in every paly the board will be different according to the choices of the players, something which is enhanced by the character cards, which provide players with various ways to score points, as well as the building cards that have special abilities and features. 


Thumbs Down:

Component Quality: Although the component quality is satisfactory, the artstyle especially on some of the cards could have been better. 

Luck vs Strategy: Even though strategy predominates, the randomness which is due to the cards is definitely there and this happens mostly due to the fact that some cards can score more easily VPs than some others.


Co-Mix Final Verdict:

Murano might combine well known characteristics and game mechanisms, such as worker placement and tile placement, however it does it in a unique way and manages to offer a fresh gaming experience. Lastly its nice theme and the way it is conveyed, might not be one of its strong points, but is a pleasant addition. 


Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Yes. This is the gamer category that this game is for and it is certain that it will manage  to offer them a fresh and interesting gaming experience, which will leave them satisfied.

Social Gamer: No. The limited number of players as well as the strategy level of the game is sure to repel the players of the category. 

Strategy Gamer: Maybe. The interesting strategic choices that the title offers will satisfy many of the gamers of this category, the randomness that occurs from the cards will repel several players. 

Hobby Gamer: Maybe. The contents of the title as well its theme will leave several hobby gamers indifferent. The interesting and fresh enough gaming experience it offers however will peak the interest of several others.

Hardcore Gamer: Maybe. The theme and lack of direct competition will repel several hardcore gamers. The constant and intense interaction combined with the special abilities and characteristics of the cards, will satisfy some of them. 


Game Contents:

1 game board

8 ships

40 character cards

42 street tiles

12 glass factory tiles

12 shop tiles

12 palace tiles

12 special building tiles

15 special building cards

1 island tile

1 bag

30 acrylic beads

32 gondoliers

60 markers

49 coins

1 rulebook



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