Lords of Vegas UP!


Lords of Vegas is an excellent game with an intense personality, as it has a unique theme which it conveys in a beautiful way.

Even though the game has not been as successful as other titles from the company, Mayfair has published an expansion, Lords of Vegas UP! 

Number of players: 1-6

Average duration: 75’

Age: 12+

MSRP: $25


What is added:

This expansion makes two additions. The first is that now two more players can enjoy the game. Lords of Vegas now plays up to 6 players and the expansion box comes with two more player sets, a purple and a black. 

The second addition is the new choice given to players to expand their casinos vertically, essentially make them taller. This is very important for a 5 and 6 player game, since the available space to build your casinos is becoming very limited; however it can also be used in a game with less players, thus enriching the available strategic choices. Lastly it has to be mentioned that this addition makes the game also look better. 

Co-Mix Final Verdict:

Lords of Vegas UP! is a necessary expansion for those who like the game, as it enriches it, without removing or changing its characteristics and gameplay. 


Game Contents:


1 rule book

24 dice

22 markers

48 tiles

More printed money



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