Imperial Settlers

Four powerful civilizations try to expand their empire by sending settlers to new places full of resources to be exploited which also hold new opportunities.

As it is expected this common goal brings the four cultures confronted with one another and their coexistence is anything but peaceful. In Imperial Settlers each player takes control of a civilization (Romans, Egyptians, Japanese and Barbarians) and try to develop in the best possible way, so as to be the one who scores the most victory points at the end of the game. 

Number of players: 1-4

Average duration: 60’

Age: 10+

MSRP: €37

Thumbs Up:

Gameplay: One of the key features of the game is the fact that each card has multiple uses and this is definitely something that adds more depth and offers various options in the game. Another key feature of the title is the fact that every faction is characterized by its own distinctive properties and personal deck building, which creates a specific personality for each faction and offers diversity in the game in general.

Interaction: The fact that several of the building cards of your civilization can be attacked by opposing players, is an element that introduces interaction in the game and adds a few more strategic options for players.

Downtime: Although the range of options fpr the game is quite large, especially in the final rounds, the fact that each player in their turn only perform one action is an element which accelerates considerably the flow of the game.

Component Quality: The contents of the title, both in terms of quality and quantity, without being impressive, they are satisfying, while the illustration and the whole presentation of the game has a lighthearted (cartoon) and humorous tone, which certainly lies in the taste of each player.

Replayability: The numerous building cards in the game is a feature which will make every game a quite different and fresh experience.


Thumbs Down:

Gameplay: The pace of the game is particularly rampant as in the early rounds the options you have are limited while the final rounds, the available options have increased greatly. This of course is more a special feature of the game and not a disadvantage, however until you are familiar with the game, the first play will leave you with a "weird" feeling. 

Co-Mix Final Verdict:

Imperial Settlers is an empire building game (card game), which manages not to tire and overload the players with sophisticated rules while also manages to provide a fairly rich gaming experience, without lacking greatly some of the features of the aforementioned game category.


Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Yes. The theme of the game combined with the humorous and lighthearted gameplay, will make playing the title an interesting experience and is sure to fully satisfy players of that category.

Social Gamer: No. Strategic and tactical choices and proper resource management are the main features of the game, and even the interaction part is not what the social gamers would expect. Therefore Imperial Settlers is certainly not addressed to this specific category of players.

Strategy Gamer: Maybe. The depth of strategy that the title provides combined with the fairly limited luck factor is sure to satisfy but will not excite the players in that category.

Hobby Gamer: Maybe. The contents of the game will definitely impress the hobby games, since they are charming and have a humorous presentation, and together with the light but very interesting gameplay, it is sure to offer them a fairly enjoyable gaming experience.

Hardcore Gamer: Maybe. The individual attibutes of each faction in combination with the direct aggressive interaction and the satisfactory plurality of strategic and tactical options provided by the title, is expected to meet the needs of a number of this players category.


Game Contents:

1 Score Board

4 Faction Markers

1 Round Marker

4 Faction Boards

220 Cards (30 Barbarian Cards, 30 Japanese Cards, 30 Roman Cards, 30 Egyptian Cards, 84 Common Cards, and 16 Attack Cards)

32 Wood Tokens

32 Stone Tokens

32 Food Tokens

40 Worker Tokens

18 Raze Tokens

10 Defense Tokens

24 Gold Tokens

6 Multiplier Tokens

1 First Player Marker

4 Egyptian Special Tokens

1 Rule book




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