Krosmaster Quest

Krosmaster Arena is a game which has enjoyed huge success in recent years while it is also largely supported by its publishing company, with the release of dozens of expansions, hundreds of new characters with very beautiful miniatures, the organization of many formal and informal tournaments around the world, but also a great online game platform.

Krosmaster Quest is a new independent game which adds to the rich world of Krosmaster. In this game players are outside the arena and explore more freely the captivating world. They collect, buy and sell various raw materials which they can use in order to construct different objects and equipment, to develop their character by obtaining new powers and features, while they also explore dangerous dungeons, and face various creatures of the world. All these take place in order to gather the much-needed GG (Gallons of Glory) which is what will determine the winner or winners (depending on which of the 2 game modes you choose to play, Free-for-All or Cooperative) in end of the game.

Number of players: 2-6

Average duration: 120’

Age: 12+

MSRP: $90

Thumbs Up:

Replayability: The huge variety and freedom that the title provides are definitely its most basic characteristic. However it manages not too be chaotic, while constantly providing players with interesting strategic and tactical choices and clear objectives.

Interaction: Interaction between players is an important feature in the game and can occur in many areas, both in the form of competition and through collaboration.

Component Quality: The contents of the game are of the known high standards, with the cutting edge clearly being the beautiful miniatures of the characters and its characteristic illustrations.

Replayability: The abundance of contents and options offered in the game create countless possible combinations that can make your every game look completely new and different.

Thumbs Down:

Rules: Despite the excellent work done in the rulebook, with its beautiful illustrations, useful examples and various summaries, for example the cards summary and the actions summary, and the very good scenario book, which features introductory scenarios and helps to learn the game in an easy way, as it can be expected from a game of this size, it is characterized by the corresponding volume of rules. This, combined with the variety offered by the game and the lack of proposed options (such as a proposed setup) is sure to greatly complicate the beginners.

Setup Time:
The numerous contents of the game lead to a great increase of the time that you need to setup the game and put it back in the box, before and after every game.

Component Quality:
Although as it has been mentioned above, the contents of the title are of the high standards set by Krosmaster Arena, some of the game boards are made of a fairly thin and flexible material. Although we understand that this was done for saving some space, since the game has 16 double-sided boards, we have to mention it as a negative feature.

Co-Mix Final Verdict:

Krosmaster Quest is a game that manages to perfectly simulate an RPG adventure, while the fact that it belongs to the wider Krosmaster family makes it instantly recognizable and attractive to many players around the world.


Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Maybe. The volume of the game from all aspects is definitely something that will repel several of the players category, however those who spend the time to become familiar with it, are sure to have endless hours of fun.

Social Gamer: No. The size and complexity of the game make it completely unattractive to players of that category.

Strategy Gamer: No. Although the tactics and strategy are certainly elements of the game, they are not its main feature, but the feeling that you are taking part in an adventure is.

Hobby Gamer: Yes. Krosmaster Quest is definitely a game that all Hobby Gamers want to add to their collection, as it is hard to find a more full tabletop adventure game than that.

Hardcore Gamer: Maybe. Although unlike Krosmaster Arena, Quest is not clearly a competitive game, the element of competition is real and it offers great depth and configuration options, elements that will pique the interest of many hardcore gamers.


Game Contents:

7 miniatures and character cards
5 character boards
1 Adventure board
1 market board
16 double sided boards
77 Monster indicators
80 items tokens
267 different tokens
42 scenery tokens
6 custom dice
220 Cards
1 scenario book
1 rulebook



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