Dark agreements, corrupt politicians, the media and religion are the weapons that can be used in Oligarchy. Oligarchy is a competitive card collection game. We are in a dystopic future in which each player takes on the role of a leader who is trying to stifle his competition and push society even deeper into the Middle Ages in order to promote their personal interests.

Number of players: 2+

Average duration: 15’ per player

Age: 13+

MSRP: $35

Thumbs Up:

Theme: Who doesn't want to be a bad guy of the underworld who controls foolish minds for himself? The theme of Oligarchy is interesting and quite original, as it has not been used by a large number of games.

Gameplay: Oligarchy is a purely competitive card game with a lot of strategy and thought. Its mechanisms and resource management are elements that you need to think during each round in order to increase your strength, which gives depth to the game without becoming tiring.

Rules: Because the game is quite similar to others of its kind, with a quick skimming through the rules or with watching the intro video on the game site, you will soon be able to sit opposite your powerless opponent and defeat them with your intellectual superiority.

Interaction: Interaction is intense as even in the short rounds of the game, your opponent's sad moves directly affect you and you need to make decisions fast. So there is almost no time during a round in which you do not have to think about how you will achieve absolute victory.

Luck vs Strategy: The game mechanics do not leave much to luck and there is more depth in the strategies you can follow to win. 


Thumbs Down:

Component Quality: Although the tokens and dials are very nice, the cards, which are the key component of the game, feel more like paper rather than thicker, and the illustration seems to be worn. However, just as the game says, our world is ruined.

Level of Difficulty: Although some people who have played games of this genre may be recognize many of the rules, and might not have the need to read them, for someone who has not played such card games it could be overwhelming.

Contents: Because the game is collectible (TCG), if you do not have extra cards from boosters or other core boxes, there is not a great variety of cards and therefore strategies that you can follow with what's in the core box.

Co-Mix Final Verdict:

Oligarchy is a game that generously offers its own improved version on TCGs. It is of course a game that needs its time to reveal its true self. If you are looking for a new card game to have you thinking how to win your opponents, Oligarchy's dystopic society is made for you.


Who is it for:

Family Gamer:  No. The game is purely competitive and therefore inappropriate for the particular category of gamers. 


Social Gamer:  No. Like all games of its genre, it is not suitable for social gamers.


Strategy Gamer:  Yes. Gamers in this category will definitely prefer it, as it has several strategic choices and the luck factor is limited.


Hobby Gamer: Maybe. For those who like TCGs, it's a unique alternative that deserves a place in your collection.


Hardcore Gamer:  Maybe. It is a game that will satisfy because of its nature, but it will not excite.



The review copy of this game was kindly provided by Entropic Games. No other compensation was received for this review.

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