Tash Kalar: Everfrost and upgrade kit

One of last year's titles that created a lot of buzz among players around the world was Tash-Kalar Arena of legends.

A year has now passed since the release of the game and CGE (Czech Games Edition) released its first expansion, Everfrost, as well as an upgrade kit which includes a new game board and tokens and cards with enhanced illustration.

More of the same or something new?

This expansion mainly targets the game enthusiasts as the core of the game remains the same; no changes in the rules or the way of play have been made, but it just adds a new fourth faction to the already existing three. As the three existing factions, the new one also has its own separate and unique eighteen creature cards and tokens, while it can be said that it is perhaps the most distinct and separate of all factions, as it introduces an entirely new game mechanism named Frozen. In contrast with the existing creatures which had an ability which could be used when they entered the arena and was then lost, some of the creatures of this new faction have frozen effects which can be activated and executed in subsequent rounds. Finally it is worth noting that with the addition of this new faction all four players can now play different factions, as until now, two players had to play the same faction.

The upgrade kit is definitely an addition which was needed, as the illustration, without being bad, was in some cases very "poor" and indifferent. With the new illustration everything is still clear, while also beautiful in appearance.


Both the fourth race and the new upgraded content for the game, are two additions that were necessary and will fully satisfy those who love Tash Kalar, while it is also very likely to make some of the players who were disappointed to try it again and give it another chance. One thing is for sure; that with these two additions, Tash-Kalar is now a complete and beautiful game.

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