Cyclades: Titans

Cyclades is a strategy game that in the past five years has managed to become a favorite game for many players all over the world.

The success of the game was followed soon by the Hades expansion, which was supplemented with two mini expansions, Hecate and The Manticore, while not long ago, Matagot published the crossover expansion C3K, that allows you to transfer creatures and armies from Kemet (that many have characterized as a sister game of Cyclades) to Cyclades, and vice versa.

After all that, the last expansion that the company published, Titans, has arrived. This expansion makes many alterations, while it also adds many features.


Number of players: 3-6

Average duration: 75’

Age: 13+

MSRP: $45


What changes?

The key change is the new board that is used instead of the board in the core box. The new board now features large islands that are divided in teritorries, while there are also some smaller ones, resembling those of the base game.

Another important change is the fact that the setup of the game is not fixed anymore. Each player in the first round makes an offering to a God and chooses the two neighboring areas from where they will start. It is worth mentioning that from the begining of the game four different buildings are built in four different teritorries on the board.

What is added?

Apart from the changes, the new expansion makes some additions, the most important being having a new God, Chronos, the father of the Titans. The position that Chronos takes on the Offerings board is very important, as apart from the Titans, it also offers a free building based on the ones that are available from the Gods that are placed above him.

The Titans are also a new element that increases the dynamics and mobility in the game, as it is a new means for players to move their troops, apart from gaining Ares' favor.

Five Divine Artifacts are also added in the game, which are shuffled in the Mythic creatures' deck and when a player buys one of them, it remains in his possession until the end of the game, unless someone claims the territory in which the Artifact is placed. These new items have special abilities and powers, while they also create a new victory condition, since whoever owns all five of them wins instantly.

Furthermore, the expansion adds five new Metropoles, from which the players randomly choose two to use in each game. This addition gives players a feeling of urgency, as only the first or two first to build one of the two special Metropoles will enjoy their special powers.

Finally it is important to mention that a team game mode is now available, which is optional for a four player game and mandatory in a six player game. The sixth player is added in the Titans expansion. 

Final Verdict:


Titans is a great expansion that manages to add new features in the game and makes some changes that create a very fresh gaming experience, without radically changing the game or making it tiring. As Hades, so Titans tries to add dynamics and mobility to the game as well as some permanent features and this time it aptly achieves it. At the same time it adds some new characteristics, with a stunning new game board, a non-fixed setup, the addition of a new victory condition as well as the choise of team play.


Game Contents:


2 Boards

1 Rulebook

41 Miniatures

10 Cards

22 Tokens & Tiles

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