7 Wonders


In ancient times there were seven cities that created buildings which were considered worthy of miracles and made them remembered throughout the years. In 7 Wonders players are invited to take the fate of these famous ancient cities in their hands, collect victory points in various sectors such as expansion, production and technology and of course build the miracle that made them famous.

Number of players: 2-7

Average duration: 40'

Age: 10+

MSRP: $ 49

Thumbs Up:


Gameplay: Scoring is a feature that stands out in the game. Gaining victory points from different sectors (military, production, technology, arts, wonders) enables a variety of strategic moves that increase game replayability. Another strong feature of the game is the large number of players it supports. 7 players in a game of intense thinking is a number that is hardly found in similar games, which makes it ideal for large groups of gamers.

Downtime: The facts that all players play simultaneously their rounds and that the game has a specific number of rounds, practically drop downtime to zero, and the duration of the game is not affected at all by the number of participating players.

Interaction: Since the main game mechanic is drafting, interaction in intense and constant, since players make their choices not only depending on what they need, but also on what their opponents do or do not need.

Thumbs Down:


Difficulty level: The fact that the game is language independent, ie that the game uses symbols on the cards instead of text, makes it necessary to have the rulebook near you at all times, in order to have a quick reference of the card properties.

Interaction: Intense interaction can sometimes have negative effects. Since this is a drafting game, your chance of success often depends more on the choices of the player that passes you the cards and less on your strategic decisions.


Final Verdict:


7 Wonders has known its great success for a reason: It is an easy-to-learn game which will be definitely enjoyed by novice players, while it also has enough depth and strategy to be enjoyed by more experienced gamers.


Who is it for:


Family Gamer:  Yes. This is an easy, simple and fast game, perfect for a family who wants to play a game for an hour.

Social Gamer: Yes. A great choice for large groups of gamers, who want to try something simple, yet strategic.

Strategy Gamer:  Maybe. Interaction and the absence of the die make it an interesting choice for this category of gamers, however it is definitely not a game designed specifically for them.

Hobby Gamer:  Yes. You will enjoy the relaxed pace of the game and the fact that it finishes quickly.

Hardcore Gamer:  Maybe. Although it doesn't have a great depth of choices that would fully fulfil these gamers, they will enjoy playing a game or two.


Game Contents:

7 wonder boards
7 wonder cards
49 Age I Foundation cards
49 Age II Growth cards
49 Age III Apogee cards
42 Flag tokens
20 Gold coins
40 Silver coins
1 score pads
1 rulebook





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