Sakura Arms

Sakura Arms is a two player card game where each player is a Mikoto, a charismatic fighter who has the ability to use the supernatural forces of mystical deities, known as Megami. Prepare to be the one who will prevail in a duel for two for the crystal rose petals of the sacred Sakura Tree.

Number of players: 2

Average duration: 30’

Age: 14+

MSRP: $30

Thumbs Up:

Gameplay: Sakura Arms is a competitive 2-player card game that manages to give off its theme and that's something we rarely see in games of that genre. The main element of the game, the Sakura Tokens, give a very special feel and aesthetic in the strategy and options offered to players in every round. They measure, affect but also bring into interaction several elements of the game such as your life points, the distance between the 2 players, the degree of your defense, your magic points and more.

Component Quality: Although Sakura Arms is not a game with rich components, miniatures, etc., its contents are generally in good level, both in terms of materials and illustrations, come in complete harmony with the theme, enhancing it even more, while everything is quite distinct and clear. It is also worth mentioning that the first half of the rulebook is essentially a summary of play in manga format.

Interaction:As expected from a game of the genre, interaction between players is permanent but not monotonous. Although the goal is very simple and specific, to lower your opponent's life points to zero, you will not be limited to playing cards that just do this, but you'll have to manage factors such as distance, your card pool that is fairly limited, and many others. Another important feature is that you have to choose the 10 cards you will use, from the 22 that the 2 Megami you've chosen offer, after first seeing which 2 Megami your opponent will use.

Thumbs Down:

Component Quality: Although based on the game rules, players can use common Megami, this is only feasible if you have 2 copies of the game. 

Level of Difficulty: Sakura Arms is one of the games that change as you become more accustomed to it. When you read the rules for the first time you may find it quite complicated and overwhelming, while the first few times you play you will feel that it is too simple and it is very clear which strategies you should follow. So that fact that patience is required to experience a game that runs smoothly and understand the depth and diversity of the game, will stop many players from bringing it on the table twice. 

Co-Mix Final Verdict:

Sakura Arms is a game that will surely attract Anime and Manga enthusiasts, those who are looking for games for 2 players and those who love competitive card games.  The latter will definitely be satisfied with the beautiful mechanisms and depth of the game but the fact that the total pool of available cards is not renewed, is something that they will dislike. 

Who is it for:

Family Gamer:  No. The highly competitive character of the game renders it inappropriate for this category.

Social Gamer:  No. The limited number of players and the level of difficulty of the game make it totally unsuitable for social gamers.

Strategy Gamer:  Perhaps. Players in this category are certain to be satisfied by the limited luck factor but also understand and appreciate the depth and level of strategy that it can offer. 

Hobby Gamer:  Yes. The interesting theme, the beautiful presentation, special mechanisms and extraordinary way that all these are linked together make Sakura Arms a hidden gem in the collection of each hobby gamer.  

Hardcore Gamer: Yes. A purely competitive game that will surely leave those players happy.


Game Contents:

   Player board

   32 tokens

   87 cards

   1 rulebook




   The review copy of this game was kindly provided by AEG. No other compensation was received for this review.


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