Pandemic is a game that has set the standards in the cooperative games category and is probably the most popular co op game. The company recognized its enormous success, and as a natural consequence, reissued the game, in a version with new artwork and two new player roles.



Number of players: 2-4

Average duration: 45'

Age: 10+

MSRP: $ 40

Thumbs Up:

Component Quality: The component quality of this title was probably its weak point, but this second version has improved it to a great extent, since the cards now have new artwork as well as the board. The cover of the game has also been retouched and the higher quality can also be seen in the materials used. However miniatures instead of meeples are not used in this version either and maybe this should be a future consideration.

Interaction: Interaction between players is probably the strongest feature of this title as players attempt through cooperation to save the world from diseases which spread constantly, while their ultimate goal is to find their cures.

Difficulty level: Although Pandemic is a very difficult and strategic game that requires good understanding and cooperation between players in order to achieve victory, the rules and the general gameplay are quite simple and it can be easily understood even by novices.

Replayability: The existence of roles in the game (5 + 2 in this second edition) is a feature that adds diversity and personality to each player, that as a team have to create a strategy with a keen eye for their individual abilities. Another remarkable feature of this title is the fact that you can choose between various difficulty levels.

Thumbs Down:

Luck vs Strategy: Although as already mentioned, Pandemic is a game that requires a fairly high level of strategy and very good cooperation between the players, the luck factor which arises from the cards, although not too intense, gives in several cases the impression that is the determining factor between success and failure.

Final Verdict:

Pandemic is a great cooperative game, that belongs to the category of games which are easy to learn but hard to master, in which players are a team of specialists, who are trying to cure four diseases which have broken out in the world. A theme that makes the game appeal to a large number of players.

Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Yes. Both the game theme and the fact that it is a purely cooperative game, in conjunction with the simple rules, make Pandemic a very good choice for this category.

Social Gamer: Maybe. The strong interaction between players and the fairly easy learning curve, are two features which will attract many of the social gamers. The limited number of players and the high level of strategy which may be could however repel several of them.

Strategy Gamer:  Maybe. Pandemic is a cooperative game that offers a high enough level of challenge for the players as it is a game in which strategy and cooperation are two key factors. However the luck factor which arises from the cards is also very important.

Hobby Gamer: Yes. Although the contents of the game are not very "rich", the experience it offers is, and therefore this game is sure to satisfy this category of players.

Hardcore Gamer:  Yes. The challenge offered by the title, especially when played at the highest difficulty level, is a feature which is sure to intrigue hardcore gamers.


Game Contents:



7 Role cards, with matching pawns

6 Research stations

6 Wooden markers

96 Disease cubes

48 Infection cards

59 Player cards

Reference cards and rulebook





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