Samurai Spirit

The only obstacle that stands between a bloodthirsty horde of bandits and a defenseless village is a small group of brave samurais.

Although the battle seems unequal, the individual strengths and characteristics of each Samurai combined with proper cooperation are enough to outweigh the numerical superiority of the enemy.

Samurai Spirit is a cooperative game in which your goal is to survive as well as protect a defenseless village from three successive waves of invaders. But be careful because every wave is enhanced by stronger leaders and lieutenants.


Number of players: 1-7

Average duration: 35’

Age: 10+

MSRP: $30

Thumbs Up:

ameplay: Although the options available for you each round are seemingly few, they very quickly acquire a special value and will "require" you to think carefully enough your every move and to discuss with your teammates in order to find the appropriate strategy. Finally, the 3 levels of difficulty is a very good addition in the game.

Interaction: The special abilities and characteristics of each samurai are a feature that adds personality and diversity in the game, but also further strengthens the interaction between players as they can be combined in various ways, irregardless of the Samurai you choose.

Component Quality: The quality of the board, cards and tokens of the game is excellent and the illustration ranges at the same level, as everything is very clear and  in harmony with the theme of the game. The storage space of the box which is properly configured is also excellent.

Thumbs Down:

Difficulty Level: Although the rules and the whole gameplay are quite comprehensive, the numerous symbols and abilities both on the characters and on the invaders will require that you refer to the rule book quite often in order to explain them. A card or summary sheet for these symbols would certainly be a very good option to solve this issue.

Final Verdict:

Samurai Spirit is an excellent addition to the cooperative games genre and a title that is suitable for both beginners and novice players as well as experienced gamers both on the cooperative games genre and in general.

Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Yes. The comprehensive but also very interesting gameplay is sure to satisfy players of that category.

Social Gamer: Maybe. The large number of players, the strong interaction and the quite simple and comprehensive rules of the game are features which will attract many social gamers. However the strategy and the careful movements required, will repel several of them.

Strategy Gamer: Maybe. A seemingly "shallow" game for strategists, but which will positively surprise those who give it a chance.

Hobby Gamer: Yes. The contents which are beautifully combined with the very fresh, light, and very interesting gaming experience offered by Samurai Spirit are sure to satisfy fully all hobby gamers.

Hardcore Gamer: No. A fairly simple, non-competitive game, which will remain indifferent to the vast majority of hardcore gamers.


Game Contents:


7 Samurai Game boards

7 Samurai meeples

7 Samurai tokens

6 Farmstead tokens

10 Barricade tokens

3 family tokens

66 Raider cards

1 village game board

1 active player marker

7 wound tokens




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