Dungeon Fighter

  Number of players: 1-6

  Average duration: 50’

  Age: 14+

  MSRP: $40

Thumbs up:

Component Quality: The component quality of that game ranges among quite satisfying levels, with rich contents that are made by good quality products, properly shaped storage space and illustration which completes the humoristic style of the game.

Difficulty: Dungeon Fighter is a quite simple game, as you will simply move into the next room, open the monster card and you try to win it the way that it is suggested on the card.

Game Mechanics: The unique characteristic of this game is its battle system that depends mostly on your dexterity and less on your character’s characteristics and statistics. Basically, you try to score with your dice by tossng it on the target board in the way that is usually suggested either from the room in which you are or from the monster card, a process which will offer you intense moments of laughter.

Durability: The game offers a big variety of monsters, items, rooms and heroes, a characteristic which certainly adds to the title’s variety and will make each of your sessions exceptional.

  Thumbs down: 

Game Mechanics: The intensively humoristic style of the game obscures entirely its topic and very soon the character that you have chosen and your various items are almost of no importance. Furthermore some battles in the game are going to seem quite impossible very soon.

  Final Verdict:

Dungeon Fighter is a very entertaining dexterity  game which will for sure offer you moments of laughter. However, its topic may be misleading for some, as your character’s creation and strategy are two characteristics that are completely missing from the game.

Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Yes. Dungeon Fighter is for sure a game that will offer many moments of amusement to the players of this category.

Social Gamer: Yes. Maybe that’s the category that this game responds to, as it’s a simple game that can be played by many players and can make them laugh and enjoy themselves.

Strategy Gamer: No. The specific game won’t mean anything to the players of this category.

Hobby Gamer: Maybe. The game’s contents in connection with the innovative and very amusing way of playing will satisfy some of the players of this category.
Hardcore Gamer: No. The comments for the Strategy Gamers apply to this category too.

Game contents:

1 rule book
12 dice
1 target board
7 wooden pawns
9 hero cards
1 monster life card
6 double-face dungeon cards
22 various tokens
110 monster and item cards
30 golden plastic coins
1 six-storey tower



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