King of New York

Take the role of a huge monster and try to become the King of New York by destroying everything in your path.

But be careful because competition is fierce and other monsters have the same goal as you, while also humans participate and send their army forces to defend their city.

In King of New York you can achieve victory either by eliminating your opponents and being the last monster alive in New York, or by being the first to reach 20 victory points.


Number of players: 2-6

Average duration: 40’

Age: 10+

MSRP: $40

Thumbs Up:

The five areas on the board along with the various buildings that each contains and the various special ability cards, are features that add to the variety and depth of the game, while giving players a good range of choices each round. Finally Manhattan adds a great dynamic to the game, since if you stay within the region you earn victory points and energy cubes, which allow you to get different cards but also become a target for other monsters outside Manhattan.

Although King of New York is not in any way a complicated or difficult game, the rulebook is very sophisticated, with beautiful illustrations and many examples that make learning it very easy, leaving no questions and unclear points.

The various card abilities in conjunction with the buildings that are randomly placed in the five regions of the board, will make every game quite different from the previous one.

Component Quality:
Both the material quality and the content illustration are excellent, while the box is properly configured to store everything perfectly.

Thumbs Down:

Gameplay: The fact that you can be killed and eliminated from the game before it ends is definitely a feature that will not appeal to many, while the absence of a particular characteristic for each monster makes choosing a monster quite meaningless. We believe that this is a feature which will be added through an expansion, as happened with King of Tokyo.

Final Verdict:

King of New York manages to keep all the good features that made the King of Tokyo a very successful title, while adding several new, that create a quite different and richer gaming experience, but without tiring.

Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Yes. The beautiful and humorous approach, combined with the fairly lighthearted and very interesting gameplay, will absolutely satisfy family gamers.

Social Gamer: Yes. A fairly simple and relaxing game with strong interaction between players, which can be played by a big gaming group, it is definitely a title that the players of this category will love.

Strategy Gamer: No. The strong presence of the dice is one of the features that will repel strategy gamers.

Hobby Gamer: Yes. The very content of the title, in combination with the familiar but enriched game mechanics, will surely meet the needs of this gamer category.

Hardcore Gamer: No. Despite its additions, King of New York is a very simplistic game for the tastes of these gamers.


Game Contents:

8 dice
1 game board
66 cards
46 effect tokens
6 monster boards
6 monster cardboard figures and their plastic stands
45 Building/Unit tiles
Approx. 50 Energy cubes
1 rulebook 




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