Comics are a form of art and entertainment which more or less everyone has gotten to know. In the past few years comic fans have increased due to their projection in the movie theatres.

In Co-Mix players get the chance to use their imagination and creativity and create their own comic. In the beginning of each round every player takes 12 double sided cards and then they choose 6 or 9 (depending on the chosen difficulty level) of the available images and place them on the comic page in front of them in the desired order. When all players have finished creating their comic, they then have to tell the story they have made up and lastly they get to review the other players' stories.


Number of players: 3-10

Average duration: 30’

Age: 8+

MSRP: $25

Thumbs Up:

Gameplay: One of the interesting characteristics of the title is the reviewing phase of the game, as players do not grade or judge the stories as good or bad, but choose and give different awards, such as the most original story, the most exciting/ emotional and the best composed. This reviewing method urges players to be as objective as possible since if the award they have given to a story agrees with the view of most players, they then earn points. At the same time the players also have a specific goal when creating the story, as only the stories that have received the most tokens of each award will score points at the end of the round.

Component quality: The component quality of the title is quite good, while its all art style is in line with its theme.

Downtime: The time that someone will not participate in the game is practically none, since at the beginning of the game the players simultaneously create their stories, and when the first story is completed, the remaining time is limited. The only phase that players will not be active in the game is storytelling, when they will have to listen to other players' stories. However, this is probably the most fun part of the game.

Replayability: The 300 different images on the cards and the immeasurable combinations that come from them will make every story totally different from the rest.


Thumbs Down:

Gameplay: The possibility of team play is definetily something that minimizes the duration of the game, especially when many people have decided to play, however it does not seem to work, as in most cases one of the two players of the team will just be a spectator without actively participating in the story creation.


Co-Mix Final Verdict:

Co-Mix is a game that targets a specific group of players, as it is a fun title that will spur your imagination, without providing any means for creating some sort of strategy. Its theme, which has been sufficiently given through the game, as well as the interesting reviewing mechanic, differentiate it from the other titles of the category.


Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Maybe. The theme of the game as well as its light gameplay, that uses the player's imangination and creativity, is sure to satisfy many of the category's gamers.

Social Gamer: Yes. This is a fairly simple and light game that can entertain and make a large group of players laugh; certainly a title for social gamers.

Strategy Gamer: No. Co-Mix is a game that will leave strategy gamers completely indifferent.

Hobby Gamer: Maybe. This title will satisfy but not thrill hobby gamers, as it is a game that the only thing it does, is spur the imagination and creativity of players.

Hardcore Gamer: No. A way too simplistic and indifferent game for the taste of a hardcore gamer.



Game Contents:


5 comic page boards
150 panel cards
91 different tokens
1 sandtimer
1 rulebook

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