Eldritch Horror

Get ready to travel to the fantastic but dark world of H.P.Lovecraft, through a cooperative game where you will try to solve various mysteries and protect humanity from powerful ancient dark forces that try to plunge the world in darkness.

Average duration: 180’

Age: 14+

MSRP: $59,95

Thumbs Up:

Component Quality: The various game components are of excellent quality, as are the tokens and the cards. All are made from high quality products, everything is distinguishable and not tiring to the eye, while at the same time they create the needed atmosphere.

Interaction: As anticipated from a cooperative game, player interaction is one of its main features, as players cooperate all the time either directly or indirectly, so as to battle the difficulties that might be posed.

Difficulty Level: Even though Eldritch Horror is a rich and deep game, its basic rules and core mechanics are easy and understandable, so learning it will not be hard.

Gameplay: Eldritch Horror is a game that focuses on the story and the atmosphere and manages to do so incredibly, as each of your choices and every move you make is described at each of the cards, thus adding small pieces to the main story of every game.

Thumbs Down:

Luck vs Strategy: Even though the game offers a good variety of strategic options to the players, the dice presence is noticeable and in most cases define the game plot and development.

Setup Time: The great number of game contents along with the unsuitable storage space in the box will make you spend a lot of time setting up the game as well as puttng it back in the box.

Replayability: The variety of the cards offered is not vast, thus after a few games they repeat themselves. This is something that will be fixed with the expansions of the game. 

Final Verdict:

Eldritch Horror is a great cooperative game which the H.P.Lovecraft fans will love for sure, but it will also satisfy those looking for a very thematic game that focuses on creating a story and the necessary atmosphere.

Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Maybe. The cooperative character of the game will satisfy many gamers, but its theme and level of difficulty will repel others.

Social Gamer: Maybe. Although the number of players is satisfactory for this category and interaction is tense and constant, the complexity and depth of the game make it unsuitable or even prohibitive for some of the players.

Strategy Gamer: Maybe. The strategic choices offered will satisfy the gamers of this category, but the power of the die will repel them.

Hobby Gamer: Yes. This is the category that the game addresses and it is sure that it will satisfy every Hobby Gamer.

Hardcore Gamer: Maybe. The non-competitive character of the game will repel many of the players of the category, but its depth will provoke the interest of many.


Game Contents:

1 Game Board
1 Reference Guide
1 Rulebook
12 Investigator sheets
4 Ancient One sheets
51 Mythos Cards
36 Location Encounter Cards
32 Research Encounter Cards
24 Other World Encounter Cards
18 Expedition Encounter Cards
16 Mystery Cards
12 Special Encounter Cards
40 Asset Cards
36 Condition Cards
20 Spell Cards
14 Artifact Cards
4 Reference Cards
78 Health and Sanity tokens
43 Monster tokens
36 Clue Tokens
30 Improvement Tokens
20 Travel Ticket Tokens
20 Eldritch Tokens
9 Gate Tokens
4 Rumor Tokens
1 Active Expedition Token
1 Doom Token
1 Omen Token
1 Lead Investigator Token
1 Mystery Token
4 Dice
12 Plastic Stands




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