Dungeon Bazar

Everybody has heard stories of brave heroes who face several dangers in order to save the world.

The biggest and most famous danger is of course, dragons. Has anybody wondered who are those who provide our heroes with their equipment and where they find it? In Dungeon Bazar players take the role of merchants who try to get rich by selling weapons, armor and other equipment to wanna-be heroes. What the heroes don't know is that the merchants have made a deal with the dragon in a nearby cave, in order to get all the equipment from there..


Number of players: 2-5

Average duration: 60’

Age: 10+

MSRP: $35

Thumbs Up:

Gameplay: Dungeon Bazar is a quite simple game that lasts 3 rounds and every round is divided in 3 phases. First the heroes arrive and search for specific equipment. Then the players/ merchants enter the Dragon's Lair to gather several equipment and spells, and lastly the merchants showcase their merchandise and the heroes choose the cheapest of the equipment they are looking for. This procedure is simple while it becomes interesting as the merchants' special powers unveil, the spells are played and other special characteristics unfold in the Dragon's Lair. 

Interaction: Player interaction is not absent and takes place both directly and indirectly, as players' choices can effect their co-players in various ways.

Difficulty Level: As it has been mentioned, Dungeon Bazar is a relatively simple game, that does not tire.


Thumbs Down:

Rulebook: Even though the structure of the rulebook is quite good, with examples and a nice humorous approach, the way of writting makes understanding the rules tougher that it is.  

Component Quality: Both the component quality and the artwork on the tiles and the cards of the game are on average levels, while it is worth mentioning that in the first print runs, there were some misprints on some of the components.

Final Verdict: 

Dungeon Bazar is a strategy game that manages to showcase in a good way its humorous theme through its light gameplay. 


Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Yes. The unique and humorous approach of the theme combined with the fact that this is a light game makes this title a very good choice for family gamers. 

Social Gamer: No. Even though the humorous nature of the game and player interaction are there, the limited number of players along with the level of strategy and complexity which are not low enough make this title unsuitable for this category of gamers. 

Strategy Gamer: Maybe. A light and humorous strategy game that will satisfy but will not fascinate strategy gamers.

Hobby Gamer: Maybe. The unique humorous approach of the game as well as the light gameplay will satisfy some players, however its contents will repel some others.

Hardcore Gamer: No. A fairly simple and indifferent game for hardcore gamers.


Game Contents:


1 rulebook

112 cards

10 board tiles

5 merchant tiles

115 various tokens

5 meeples

21 wooden cubes

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