Terra Evolution: Tree of Life

More or less we all know that the Earth took its present form after million of years of evolution.

The species that live in the planet today are a result of this evolution, as they are descendants of older and primitive forms of life, while there are other species that went extinct because of the various natural disasters. In Terra Evolution: Tree of Life you assume the role of the protector of the planet and try to evolve the species on it, while protecting it from natural disasters.


Number of players: 2-4

Average duration: 60’

Age: 10+

MSRP: $30

Thumbs Up:

Gameplay: Even though Terra Evolution: Tree of Life borrows several things from other deck building games, it also has some special characteristics that make it differ from the rest and create a unique play style, while the theme is evident through the gameplay.

Luck vs Strategy: As with almost all card games, as soon as the deck is shuffled, luck enters the game. However the fact that the cards which are discarded at the end of each player's round are shuffled and put at the bottom of their deck, gives greater control and minimizes the luck factor in terms of the order in which  cards are drawn.

Ineraction: Interaction is one of the characteristics of the title, and happens in a very direct and aggressive manner through the natural disaster cards. However the catastrophe phase is optional, so players can just focus on their planets and completely ignore this choice.

Component Quality: The artwork is satisfactory, without being fascinating, and everything is clear and can be easily distincted. It is also noteworthy that the box has an insert and all cards can be stored without being mixed up.


Thumbs Down:

Rules: Even though Terra Evolution: Tree of Life is not a very complex or difficult game, it cannot be characterized as easy in any case and its succinct rulebook (which is 4 pages long) has very few images and examples, making the learning process a bit more difficult than it really is.

Replayability: Even though the variety of the cards is satisfactory, the fact that in every game they are all available limits the diversity of the title.


Co-Mix Final Verdict:

Terra Evolution: Tree of Life is a card game that offers a very high level of strategic choices, keeping the luck factor in low levels, while the theme is present throughout the game.


Terra Evolution: Tree of Life Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Maybe. The theme of the game as well as the balanced gameplay which offers enough space for thought, are sure to satisfy the players of this category who will not be put off by the relative complexity of the title.

Social Gamer: No. A very complex and heavy game for the taste of social gamers.

Strategy Gamer: Maybe. The limited enough luck factor combined with the satisfactory strategy level that the game offers are sure to satisfy many of the gamers of this category.


Hobby Gamer: Yes. For the standards of this category (and not only) Terra Evolution: Tree of Life is a game that offers a high level of strategic choices and gives its theme to a great extent. Therefore it is sure to satisfy hobby gamers.

Hardcore Gamer: Maybe. The variety of choices that the title offers, as well as the direct and totally aggressive interaction in the game, are sure to satisfy many hardcore gamers.



Game Contents:


275 various cards

3 rulebooks in 3 different languages



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