Queen's Necklace


In this game, players need to produce and sell the jewels they create to the King's Court. Ensuring sales can be tricky however, as they need to influence the members of the court to achieve maximum revenue. Who will be the most successful in this game of memory and strategy?

Number of players: 2-4

Average duration: 30’

Age: 14+

MSRP: $30

Thumbs Up:

Gameplay: The game is simple and straightforward, yet does not lack of depth. Memory and strategy play a significant part in the game, as you need to memorize the cards that your opponents purchase, in order to have the best possible results in the selling phase. The character cards also add to the gameplay, as you can use them to boost you up and increase player interaction. 

Component Quality: Cool Mini or Not is well-known for its games with gorgeous miniatures. This game is an exception to this, but it does not take away from its beauty. The tarot sized cards are very clean in their layout and the simple yet fun art style gives a nice touch to the game. Furthermore, the artstyle matches the theme of the game, thus helping you better immerse in the game. The matreial from which the cards and tiles are made is sturdy. What is notable is the storage space in the box, which makes packing the game very easy and helps keep things well organized. 

Thumbs Down:

Gameplay: Bookeeping of the second phase of the game might feel a bit discouraging at the first round, as several factors need to be calculated for each jewel type, however it is something that you get used to pretty fast and does not take away from the fun feeling in the game. 

Luck vs Strategy: There might be points in the game where you can feel frustrated by the amount of luck added in the game with all the cards played in the game. 

Co-Mix Final Verdict:

This is a fast paced game that you will enjoy with any number of players and that will keep you at your feet at all times, if you like games that combine strategy to memory.


Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Yes. This is a game that you will enjoy playing with your familly. Its rules are simple and player interaction will enjoy a fun afternoon.

Social Gamer: No. The number of players make it unsuitable for social gamers. 

Strategy Gamer: Maybe. Although the game does not lack strategy, this type of gamers might be discourage by the fact that their strategy might not be effective due to the choices of other players and the luck added by the cards played.

Hobby Gamer: Yes. The gameplay will certainly appeal to them, as well as the components and their excellent quality.

Hardcore Gamer: No. Gamers with a highly competitive character will not find this game satisfying their needs, as they will think it is simple and maybe indifferent to a point. 


Game Contents:


62 Gem Cards

7Acessory Cards

3 9 Character Cards

1The Queen's Necklace Token

1 The Queen's Necklace Card

4 Gem Tiles

4 Rarity Tiles

5 Cost Markers

8 Player Markers

1 Game Board

1 Rulebook


The review copy of this game was kindly provided by Cool Mini or Not. No other compensation was received for this review.

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