Allies: Realm of Wonder

In Allies: Realm of Wonder 2 players travel to a magical fantasy world, taking control of two races each and fight each other in order to conquer various areas.

Each round, the two players alternately place cards (one card on each of the five areas) and at the end of the round they spin or conquer each area depending on the power difference between the cards. The game lasts four rounds and the winner is the player with the most points based on the areas they have conquered and control.

Number of players: 2

Average duration: 20’

Age: 8+

MSRP: $20

Thumbs Up:

Gameplay: The predominant feature of the game is the cards, that have four power levels, one in each of the four sides. At the same time many of them have the ability to rotate cards that have been played, by increasing or reducing their strength respectively. Finally, each race has their own special ability, active in some of the cards. This is a feature that adds variety in play, while the 8 different races provide an adequate range of possible combinations, while making the game quite asymmetric, as the deck of each player has its own unique features and special abilities. Apart from the above, the two races that the player chooses also affect the areas that would be good to focus on, as those corresponding to your races limit the number of your disposable cards if conquered by your opponent, while increase them if you conquer them.

Level of Difficulty: Allies:
Realm of Wonder has simple and comprehensive rules and thus it immediately succeeds to provide an interesting gaming experience.

Component Quality:
Both the illustration of cards and the overall component quality are very good, while the specially designed storage area in the box is certainly a positive feature.

Luck vs Strategy:
Although this is a fairly simple card game, strategy and tactic completely overshadow the randomness of the cards (luck of the draw).

Thumbs Down:

Downtime: The fact that in each round you have several options at your disposal, although you play only one card, is something that increases the otherwise short downtime of the game. This combined with the lack of inteference outside your round, make downtime more apparent.

Although as mentioned above the rules of the title are very comprehensive, it is likely that during your first game you will skip some basic details, as they are not particularly highlighted in the rulebook.

Co-Mix Final Verdict:

Allies: Realm of Wonder is a relatively simple, fast and relaxing card game for 2 players, while at the same time it is one of those games that manage to have enough depth in their gameplay, despite their very simple rules.


Who is it for:

Family Gamer: Yes. A fairly simple but interesting game for 2, with a quite beautiful and lighthearted theme that will surely satisfy completely those family gamers looking for a game for two.

Social Gamer: No. Despite the simplicity of the game each round gives the feeling that you have to solve a puzzle. This, along with the fact that this is a game only for 2, make it unsuitable for this category.

Strategy Gamer: Yes. Simple and concise rules, strategic depth and tactical options, zero luck factor, features that will be highly appreciated by strategy gamers.


Hobby Gamer: Maybe. The simplicity and the contents of the title will certainly repel several of the hobby gamers. Those who try it however, might be pleasantly surprised.

Hardcore Gamer: Maybe. For most hardcore gamers it is a very simple and indifferent game. However, the purely competitive character and the possibility of the creation and differentiation of your personal deck, are features that will pique the interest of some gamers.


Game Contents:


1 Rulebook

1 Summary board

165 Cards



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